A Semi-Annual Publication for the Ridgeview Institute Recovering Professionals Alumni Association
| Volume 1 Issue 1 | June 2, 2006

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The Ridgeview Recovering Professionals Aftercare Program serves as a monitoring and advocacy component to our treatment program.

Meet the Recovering Professionals Treatment Team

Program Director of the Adult Addiction Services and
Recovering Professionals Services

Dr. Lynn is a graduate of Wayne State Medical University in Detroit, Michigan and completed his residency at Emory University in Atlanta. He has been in private practice and an attending psychiatrist at Ridgeview Institute for 17 years. Dr. Lynn is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry.  He is also certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Dr. Lynn was President of Ridgeview’s Medical Staff from 1995-1996 and served as Medical Director of Anchor Hospital from 1999-2001. His office is located on the Ridgeview campus, (770) 333-1755.

Interim Program Director of Adult Inpatient Services
Medical Director of Ridgeview Institute

Dr. Vargo has been associated with Ridgeview Institute since its beginning in 1976.  He  has provided leadership as Director of Quality Assurance since 1983, and as Medical Director since 1993. He treats psychiatric patients at all levels of care, in addition to maintaining  a busy private practice. Dr. Vargo has joined the Recovering Professionals Services treatment team, spearheading the new psychiatric component of this program. Dr. Vargo received his M.D. from Emory University Medical School, where he also completed his psychiatry residency.  He is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology, as well as Addiction Psychiatry.

Program Manager, Day Hospital and Young Adult Program

Katherine has been with Ridgeview Institute for over 22 years. Initially, she  coordinated the activities therapy for several programs across campus. She began working with Adult Addiction Services and the Adult Psychiatric Services in 1994. Katherine received her Bachelor of Science in Recreational Therapy and Psychology.

Recovering Professionals Services Coordinator

Chip is Program Coordinator for the Recovering Professionals Services.  He has worked in the area of addiction treatment for over 20 years.  During that time he has held both clinical and management positions and has been the co-owner and operator of a treatment center. He holds a Masters in Psychology, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Addiction Counselor and a Certified Clinical Supervisor through the Georgia Addiction Counselors Association, and is a Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist through Gorski-CENAPS.  He has provided training and consultation to government, industry, and the treatment field, and is the creator of the Daily Inventories/Weekly Summary, a widely-used self care instrument to help people develop and maintain a program of recovery.



Clinical Coordinator, Adult Psychiatric, Adult Addiction Services for the Outpatient Day Program

Chris supervises case managers in the treatment of psychiatric and addiction illness. He has worked in several capacities within inpatient and outpatient treatment since 1991. Chris is a Licensed Professional Counselor with expertise working with the broad spectrum of psychiatric and addiction diagnoses including dual diagnosis and the impaired professional population.

Recovering Professionals Services Aftercare Coordinator

Jayne coordinates monitoring for all the various professional licensing boards and facilitates the transition of patients from all phases of treatment to aftercare. She oversees aftercare for over 150 participants, chairs the Steering Committee and governs the monitoring function of the program. Jayne leads an Recovering Professionals Aftercare therapy group, as well as the Lawyers Aftercare support group. Jayne has worked at Ridgeview in a variety of capacities since the late 1980’s, most recently as a Lead Clinician in the Recovering Professionals Services.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has a Doctorate in Psychology with a specialty in Addictions and Family Systems.

Recovering Professionals Psychiatric Program Case Manager

Tom joined the Recovering Professionals Psychiatric Program in August, 2007. He has worked at Ridgeview for 25 years.  During his tenure at Ridgeview, Tom has served as a clinical assistant on the Adult Inpatient Unit, staff coordinator for the Adolescent Unit working with conduct disorders, and most recently as a case manager on the Adult Inpatient Unit. He graduated from Georgia State University with a Masters in Professional Counseling, has obtained national certification as a counselor, and is currently completing requirements to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.  In addition to Tom’s broad clinical experience with both psychiatric and addictive illnesses, he has worked with special populations such as older adults, individuals with eating disorders and those with dissociative disorders. Tom is also contracted with Georgia State University as a consultant for the Good Neighbor Program – a joint effort with GSU and the Atlanta Housing Authority – providing crisis intervention, brief counseling, and other resources as needed.

Coordinator of Administrative Services,
Recovering Professionals Services

Dru handles initial inquires about the program, as well as facilitating the intake process, in conjunction with the Access Center.  Additionally, she coordinates our 96 Hour Evaluations.  She joined the Ridgeview Institute Recovering Professionals staff in November 2004. She has over 10 years of healthcare experience in management, patient advocacy and employee recognition. Dru provides all the administrative support for the Recovering Professionals Services, which includes facilitating random urine drug screens and maintaining records for all aftercare patients. As such, she is a much needed liaison between the treatment team and the patients. Dru has a B.S. in Business Administration.


  • Chip Abernathy, LPC, Clinical Coordinator, Impaired Professional Program, leads aftercare group

  • Lori Albert-Walker, MSW, Clinical Coordinator, Young Adult Addiction Services, leads aftercare group

  • Sabrina Beck, LPC, Family Services Coordinator, leads aftercare group

  • Mel Childs, LMSW, Case Manager, leads aftercare group

  • Bonnett Dulaney, LPC, Case Manager, leads aftercare group

  • Beth Houser, RN, Nurse Manager, Child and Adolescent Services, Nurse Advocate, leads nurses group

  • Kevin Knauf, LPC, Program Coordinator, Adult Inpatient Services, leads aftercare group

  • Donna McGrane, RN, Business Development, Nurse Advocate, leads nurses group

  • Arthur Trotzky, PhD, Case Manager, leads aftercare group

  • Catheriine Baer, LPC, contract clinician, leads aftercare group

  •  Jennifer Hume, LPC, contract clinician, leads aftercare group

  • Luci Lie-Nielsen, MA, contract clinician, leads aftercare group

  • Annie Prescott, PhD, contract clinician, leads aftercare and pharmacy group

  • Betsy Leamy White, LPC, contract clinician, leads aftercare group

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