A Semi-Annual Publication for the Ridgeview Institute Recovering Professionals Alumni Association | Volume 1 Issue 1 | June 2, 2006

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  Function of the Aftercare Program

  Rules Regarding Use of  Medication
  Nurse Advocacy
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The Ridgeview Recovering Professionals Aftercare Program serves as a monitoring and advocacy component to our treatment program.

Participants’ Corner

The professional's aftercare program at Ridgeview Institute is an integral part of my recovery and provides me with the opportunity to relate to other professionals in a manner I could not receive anywhere else. For me, the experience of relating to, and connecting with other professionals is vital to my long term sobriety and is very important component of my mental well being.

I participate in an aftercare group with a variety of professionals which provides me with a safe and trustworthy setting to discuss intimate issues. I also participate in the Lawyer's Group which in my experience is a "no nonsense", honest, caring, group of recovering attorneys who continually utilize "care-frontation" to point out denial, rationalization and intellectualization- which seems to be stronger with professionals. The group also helps its members with work and personal issues and pull from each other's extensive professional and personal experiences to support each other

I often talk on the phone with members from both groups who provide continual support and encouragement. I am more than grateful and proud to have these people in my life.

                                                                                              - Submitted by A.P.

color="#174A24"R˛P˛ Believe It or Not…There is Completion!

This year to date, there are 6 nurses, 2 attorneys, 4 physicians, 1 podiatrist, and 2 pharmacists who have successfully completed their monitoring contracts with the R2P2 Program. Hats off to them!!!

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